Paulo Trezentos


Paulo Trezentos, awarded PhD from IST Lisbon, is Research Director, co-founder of SME companies Caixa Magica Software and Aptoide and an Assistant Professor at the Lisbon university ISCTE. At ISCTE, since 1999, he teaches classes on Operating Systems and Computer Architectures. He participated in several European RTD, FP6 and FP7 Projects such as OPIMA, OCTALIS, OCCAMM, MANCOOSI, EDOS, ULOOP and TIMBUS and was a participant in the Global Grid Forum meetings and the ESA projects (HICOD 2000). He was awarded the Premio Milenio 2000 Expresso prize for Linux Caixa Magica. He is author and co-author of four books on the subjects of Linux and Open Source.

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